Where To Put The Wedding Rings?

Tradition and new trends confuse many couples who do not know where their wedding rings should go. If your big day is approaching and you are still asking the same question, continue reading this article.

There are traditions and beliefs associated with wedding rings that have dragged on for centuries. This is the same with other icons such as the bridal bouquet or the engagement ring. Although it seems incredible, there is a question that many couples ask and it is whether to put the wedding ring on the right or left hand.

What the legends say about marriage rings

One of the most convincing stories is undoubtedly the one that says that the wedding ring should be placed on the ring finger of the left hand since that is where the vein that is intimately connected with our heart is situated. There is also a very romantic story from the distant Asian culture that believes that our hands represent a very profound family significance.

The finger where the wedding ring should be placed

What is common in all the myths is that the wedding rings should always be placed on the ring finger. It is possible that in some cases the company enjoys a beautiful gold engagement ring. Irrespective of the price and quality of the engagement ring, most myths believe that the wedding ring should be placed on the ring finger.

The dictate of religion

For Christians, the hoops should always be on the right hand. This is based on the Byzantine liturgy recited in most weddings where the marriage rings are blessed. Which more or less says: “and the right hand of your servants will be blessed by that powerful word and by your outstretched arm.”

The current couples also have their myths

Many couples now decide to wear their rings based on their own desires. One of the most common, and certainly very romantic and significant, is to put them in different hands from each other. By walking together, “by the hand” they will come together to remind you of that strong bond and promise that united you in marriage.

The engagement ring and the wedding rings

Unlike in the past, it has become a trend among current brides to wear their wedding ring together with a cute engagement ring model both on the same hand and ring finger. The size of the left ring finger could vary from the right, so there is nothing better than having it clear beforehand. Of course, this decision will also fall on the prices of marriage rings.

For decades, more traditional couples have worn their wedding rings on their right hands. But, the truth is that the decision is in your hands.

source: brides.com

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