5 Hair Care Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Hair

You will find a lot of girls complaining about and blaming genetics for their lackluster hair. While genetics do play a role in overall hair health, there is something far more pressing that you need to address daily if you want beautiful and shiny hair. 

Read on to find out the 5 haircare mistakes that are destroying your hair. 

You’re Rough with the Comb

This might come as a surprise, but combing your hair with a heavy hand, especially when you come out of the shower, is one of the worst things you can do to your hair. Wet hair is susceptible to breakage than dry hair; add a rough combing routine to this and it will surely result in damaged hair. 

To avoid this hair care mistake, try combing your hair before you hop on to shower or use a wide comb to brush your hair after its dry enough to not drip.

You Like Heat

If you subjugate your hair by heat every so often then we have bad news for you. This is another hair care mistake! Each time you run a hot iron through your hair, you damage the structural integrity of your hair on a microscopic level. 

This type of damage will leave you with fragile hair. Just go easy and take a break; go for a better haircare routine!

You Keep your Hair in a Bun 

We get it, buns are convenient and a quick way to manage long hair but doing it daily or even too often can result in weaker hair strands so it’s also a hair care mistake. This happens because of stress and tension on the scalp.

Try letting them loose, your hair will thank you for it later! 

You Can’t Keep Away from Products

Too much of anything can make you sick. Sure, haircare products can help you keep your scalp and hair clean in the short run but daily use can cause the natural oils present in your hair to wash away too, leaving your hair dull, dry and dependent on chemicals. 

Try to limit your use of harsh shampoos and try to cycle between different brands to see what suits you best. And you will avoid this hair care mistake!

You Depend on Salons for TLC 

If you only treat your hair right at salons but skip on them at home then you are just looking for trouble. 

Lookup a good and healthy haircare routine and follow it daily at home for best results and leave the extra Tender Love and Care to salons!

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