50+ Awesome Hairstyles Wearing A Scarf In Your Hair

Hair accessories are trendy and can lift a hairstyle up to a thousand notches. One such accessory is the scarf. 

You can mix and match scarves with the outfit you’re wearing and give your look a whole new dimension and freshness. Wearing a scarf over your hair looks super cute and there are many ways you can style your hair with them. Here are a few ways of wearing a scarf in your hair:

Low ponytail

Uber chic and vintage, this hairstyle is one of the best! 

All you need to do is make a low, messy ponytail and wrap and tie a little scarf around where the elastic band is supposed to be. Let the two ends of the scarf fall to give it a sexy look. This look works best with textured and voluminous hair. Style your hair into loose waves before tying them in a ponytail.

Half top knot

Popular with both men and women, the half knot is a messy updo that is extremely easy to make.

Gather hair around the top and sides of your head and fasten them into a half ponytail. Turn it around to make a bun and wrap a pretty silk scarf around the base of the top knot. To give it the extra messy look, use your fingers to gather your hair instead of a brush or comb. It makes a world of a difference!

Low bun with a bandana scarf

This has to be one of the cutest and most effortless looks out there for wearing a scarf in your hair. 

Make a low, messy bun, and wrap a cute, printed bandana around your head. That’s it, you’re done! Make sure the bun isn’t too tight. Mess it up ever so slightly with your fingers to give it the teased look.

Braided scarf

Braids themselves look so gorgeous. Imagine pairing them up with an equally gorgeous scarf! 

To achieve this look, you will need to braid the scarf along with your hair. It’s very easy and can add volume to your hair if that’s what you’re looking for. Run your fingers through your hair dividing it into three sections. Wrap the scarf once around the middle section and then join each end with the side sections. Make the braid like you normally would and tug at it a little once it’s done to give it a messier, more voluminous look. 

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