5 Reasons To Have An Autumn Wedding

Now that fall weddings are continuing to gain in popularity, it is time to take a closer look at the reasons why. Autumn weddings provide a wide range of advantages. Those who are looking for the boldest backdrops and the top seasonal ingredients would do well to consider the benefits of an autumn wedding.

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Let’s take a closer look at these benefits, so that couples can have a chance to learn more about the top five reasons to schedule an autumn wedding….

1. Fall Flowers

The fall flowers that will serve as the background of the wedding photos are some of the most beautiful of the year. Incorporating all of these bold and daring colors into the centerpieces and bouquets is also a lot of fun. While green leaves are a common choice for wedding photos, couples that are looking to stand out will often choose to have an autumn wedding instead.

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2. Delicious Seasonal Ingredients

There are certain ingredients that are only going to come along once a year. Couples who schedule an autumn wedding will have every opportunity to take advantage. Hot apple cider is a popular choice for fall weddings. Seasonal fruits and root vegetables are common as well. Some couples may also decide that they wish to serve seasonal pies, such as pumpkin or fig.

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3. Cozier Textures

One of the best parts of the autumn season are all of the cozier textures that couples will have access to. A couple could decide to provide lovely blankets for each of their guests. This gives them a chance to cuddle up while the vows are being exchanged. Leather and wool are also used for autumn weddings. While these elements might be a bit heavy for a traditional summer wedding, they are just right for the fall.

4. Outdoor Receptions Are Made Possible

The idea that outdoor receptions are no longer possible is one of the more common misconceptions when it comes to an autumn wedding. The temperatures will be much cooler and there is less direct sunlight for guests to deal with. Summer weddings may seem like a great idea at first. However, guests will have to endure the high temperatures and shield themselves from the sun. These types of concerns do not exist during a fall wedding.

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5. Wonderful Photography

The fall foliage that serves as the backdrop for the couple’s photos creates lasting imagery. Photography becomes much more vibrant during an autumn wedding. The colorful leaves are used to highlight the couple’s photos and the fall breeze allows the bride’s veil to flow freely. Simply put, this is arguably the best time of year for a couple to take outdoor photos. Couples in all parts of the country will benefit from incorporating fall imagery.

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