Aspects That Make The Difference Between An Elegant Wedding And An Ordinary Wedding

A wedding is one of the occasions that deserve to be elegant. Being one of the highlights of the lives of the people involved, it is important to take special care of the clothing, decoration, and environment. Every bride has her style and there are infinite aesthetic possibilities for a wedding reception. It is also vital to take care of the balanced, harmonious and distinguished touch that a wedding deserves. If you want to avoid falling into too much or too little refinement, then pay close attention to the five main aspects that make the difference between an elegant wedding and an ordinary wedding:

source: elegant wedding magazine

The colors

Many blogs and portals about weddings talk about how terrible it is to opt for a completely white wedding and invite future brides to choose different combinations. Although, it is always good to take risks and trends are directed towards wide ranges of colors, it is the best to consult an expert of decoration to help you out. A ceremony where colors do not harmonize can never be considered elegant. Bet on options such as gray, navy blue, platinum or stone and try to make several combinations until you hit the right one.

source: brides magazine

Less is more

There is nothing more elegant than using discreet accessories, including headgear, earrings, necklace, and even bracelets and to avoid loaded makeup, too elaborate hairstyles or dresses with a lot of tulle, lace and embroidery. The small details make the difference and the same happens in the church, banquet, and appetizer. Tastes break genres, but there is nothing more beautiful than a wedding where everything follows a natural balance.

source: brides magazine

The dress code for an elegant wedding

Although, weddings in tropical climates have their charm; a cocktail dress will hardly manage to project the same elegance as a reception where all men go in suits. Remember that a fundamental part of the atmosphere of a wedding is the guests. If the couple does not set the example, you can have a romantic and unique wedding – which is fine if you wish – but it will hardly be classified as elegant.

source: brides magazine

Timeless decoration

Chandeliers, mirrors, white flowers, glassware, table linen, candles, and formal table set play a fundamental role when it comes to building an elegant wedding. Gone are styles such as wood, rustic, and many other trends that currently or in the future will lose validity. An elegant wedding is more attached to a ‘Classic timeless’ style, as it is about creating atmospheres with sophisticated accents and a lot of glamors.

Everything in harmony

Harmony is what makes the biggest difference between an elegant wedding and an ordinary wedding. The main thing is that everything follows the same style to promote the proportion and correspondence between all the elements that make up your wedding. For example: if your bouquet has white roses with green touches, the banquet should have centerpieces with the same type and color of the flower. The same happens with furniture, lighting and practically everything.

source: elegant wedding magazine

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