Choosing The Perfect Wedding Gift For Couples

Gifts and details have become essential in many celebrations (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries). You should present a wedding gift for the mere fact that you were invited to the wedding (this doesn’t matter whether you attend the event or not). The “unspoken rule”, but not written, indicates that if you go to a wedding with your friends and family, the gift should cover at least the price of the banquet.

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The gift is a gesture of gratitude, recognition and good intentions. Giving, in addition to being a sample of good manners and courtesy, is a way of telling others how important they are to you and that you remember them on their special occasion.

When you are invited to a wedding, it is very important that you think of a special gift for the couple. It will be a beautiful gesture of accompaniment in this great step. Therefore, you must put a lot of effort when choosing a wedding gift. Here are some tips to help you:

Types of gifts

• General gifts: these are those gifts that are impersonal, ideal for those guests who do not have a very close relationship with the couple. It can be an ornament for the home, a painting, bedding, etc.

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• Private gifts: these are those that follow the tastes or hobbies of the couple. It can be something to practice some sport, a fanaticism that you know they share. Here you can be innovative and give something original.

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• Surprise gifts: it must be something surprising and very emotional. It can be a surprise video, a speech, a jewel, a plane ticket, etc.

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• Gifts for the home: they are classic and never fail. The value and magnitude of the gift will depend on the closeness with the couple. It can be an appliance, a set of pots, furniture, ornaments, utensils, etc.

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• Romantic gifts: these are those designed for life as a couple, includes bedding, underwear, a day spa, reservations at a restaurant or hotel, something for the honeymoon, etc.

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Important details

• The presentation is fundamental. A good package gives class and elegance to the gift. As with the costumes, you must combine the colors of the paper and the bow of the gift well.

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• It is forbidden to deliver a gift without wrapping. It is a sign of little interest. The same happens if it is badly wrapped with wrinkles, untidy and without taking care of the details.

• Do not forget to place a card or label with your name and a nice message for the couple.

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• The gift must be personally delivered to the couple one day before or after the wedding. And if you send it by parcel or mail, try to take the necessary precautions for it to arrive on time and in good condition.

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