Considerations Of A DIY Wedding

Weddings are not what they used to be. It is a memorable day that couples will forever live to remember. There are still many couples who would love to turn back the hands of time to personalize their great event. So before an event so important, why not make a difference and take care of every detail?

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In one way or another, it is intended that a couple’s wedding tell their story and there are many couples who want to be involved in this process. You do not need a big budget to give your wedding a personal touch. If you like crafts, DIY (Do It Yourself) is a great option.

First of all, it is about choosing the projects that are going to be customized. You must take into account the style of the wedding and the time that is available to create this series of elements. Then you just need to get hold of the material, surround yourself with a team that helps you and get to work!

Here are some of the ideas that succeed in the DIY world of weddings:


You can order the total production of the invitations. It is the most comfortable and today there are many designs and possibilities or create them completely. Another option is to buy them, but give them a personal touch. Your innovation skill would be put to test at your wedding.

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Decoration with pom poms, paper rosette or wreaths

The pom poms are a great idea and can help a lot in decorating every corner of the wedding. The paper rosettes are another resource that is useful for decoration. They are simple to make and beautiful to decorate or complement some space.

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The wreaths are other decorative elements that are often missing. You can use countless materials such as fabrics, paper doilies, silk or honeycomb pom poms, hearts, photos, lanterns, pennants, letters and numbers, flowers, lights.

Details for Guests

At weddings, there is usually a detail with the guests to thank them for their assistance and company on such an important day. Therefore, the couple tries to give them a gift as a token of their gratitude.

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Therefore, using the DIY to create something to give to your guests may be a good idea. So they will receive something that is more personal because it has been done by the couple themselves. In addition to the good times that can occur when you surround yourself with family or friends who give you a hand in the realization of these projects.

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Each time, DIY weddings personalized with handmade details are more common. The idea of reflecting the personality of people who marry prima above all is looking for a more sentimental approach and usually break the rules so far established.

source: fantasiafattaamano

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