Rustic Weddings, Your Dream Come True

That BIG day, your wedding, should reflect you and your partner. It should include what you both love, who you are and what you enjoy!

In our world today, there is no planning of any event, especially a wedding, without running into an endless suggestion list of themes. I believe that Rustic Weddings are truly a theme to consider.

Rustic definition

What does rustic actually mean? In any dictionary you will see that it states it is related to the rural areas, the countryside and things that are plain and simple. However, there is no clear definition for Rustic Weddings. This gives a wide variety of options for your wedding. It could be held on a farm, in a field, by a garden or even in a barn. Vintage settings could also qualify under the Rustic theme. For example, if thee is an old, rundown building on the property, use that as a backdrop. The whole main point is that a rustic wedding should be a relaxed atmosphere, that is romantic, yet natural.

Today we find that many people are going back to planning simpler weddings and simpler times; rather than huge extravagant weddings. For a rustic themed wedding, that could mean a lot of do it yourself designing, decorating and creating. This is truly what makes your wedding yours, and one of a kind. Doing it yourself, is actually putting your heart into every little aspect of the planning and the wedding, as well as the reception.

When planning your wedding, it is the time to figure out what truly is most important to you and your partner. Nothing against the big event coordinators, but they are not you, and they do not know you or your partner as well as you do.

If you enjoy the look of do it yourself decorations, let your creative soul out, let your interior and exterior design shine through. What better way to share and pledge your heart and soul to your partner, than in nature? Being under the wide open blue sky or moonlit field, is truly romantic. Outdoor settings bring in nature and a sense of green for the earth. For decorations, you can use reclaimed wood, logs for sitting, trees to hang decorations and lights.

Some tips for your rustic wedding:

  • Colors

The colors for a Rustic wedding are pretty pastels, nature colors. Colors such as mint green, yellows, lavender, chocolate brown or sage and moss green. Adding metallic elements to the decorations or even the attire is a striking look. Especially if it is silver or rose gold.

  • Rustic Theme Bouquet

Choosing flowers for your rustic wedding is actually one of the easiest elements to decide upon. Since rustic is by no definition, perfect, then choosing wildflowers right out of the field and adding some baby’s breath is absolutely gorgeous! The main idea is to pick what you like in flowers, if they do not suit anyone’s taste except yours, that is fine. It IS your wedding. Consider your bouquet to be something along the lines of ‘perfectly imperfect’ and run with it.

  • Wood

The look of organic wood as seating, your cake stand, the ring box is also a do it yourself decorating idea. Using reclaimed wood to make signs or baskets to hold flowers, gifts and cards will not only be beautiful, it will be a unique aspect of you. Some of those who are country born and raised have used wooden stands (sawhorses) with plywood on top and covered with a picnic style table cloth. This adds the country element into rustic.

That’s why rustic theme has become so popular – so many possibilities!

source: rustic wedding chic

  • Lighting

The lighting aspect of a rustic themed wedding can be fun to plan. Using mason jars with candles inside of them is a pretty picture.. The mason jars can be painted the same light pastel colors. If it is an outdoor evening wedding, hanging the clear Christmas lights from tree branches, or indoor on beams in a barn will add an intimacy like no other.

source: Ponas edisonas

  • Foods

The meal you choose to feed your guests can be way over the top at some events. If you have chosen a rustic wedding theme, try to find all local food sources, your own gardens, fruit trees and keep in mind, that having a grill or two going is tasty and fits in perfect for the rustic theme. Grilling chicken, hamburgers and hotdogs, or even steaks if the bride and groom prefer, along with sides like homemade potato salads, pasta salads and the condiments is simple and rustic.

source: Rustic wedding

  • Photography

The ideas are endless for rustic themed weddings, but, here is one that not only is unique but also saves loads of money. You can also see the wedding in many perspectives, not just one photographer’s. The idea is to purchase a number of disposable cameras from the store, hand them out to the adults or teenagers, and maybe a child or two. Ask them to take pictures of anything they feel is beautiful, fun or any idea they have. This way, the couple will have many viewpoints of their wedding day, and likely some impromptu pictures to cherish forever.

source: House of Vintage

Rustic may mean simple to some, but to you and yours, it means that the wedding and the reception were planned and designed out of love. That it will includes bits and pieces of each and every person that is there to celebrate with you. The Rustic theme has become popular for many events due to the endless possibilities.

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