Summer Wedding: 5 Ideas To Make It Perfect

Despite the high temperatures, there are many advantages of the summer such as the increased daylight duration, the good (almost) assured weather and the variety of venues that are offered. But sometimes, some questions arise: how do you cope with the high temperatures? What to offer the guests to refresh themselves? How should the bride look? If you want an answer to these questions, do not miss these five ideas that will make your wedding go perfectly.

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1. A refreshing buffet

If there is something that is not missing lately in wedding banquets, it is a dessert buffet. Considering the heat in summer, why not offer the guests something more refreshing and appetizing than the cake and the sugary cupcakes? There are many more options than those desserts such as ice cream, fruit or drinks of many flavors. They can be presented in different ways but the important thing is to give an original and colorful touch.

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2. Original gifts for the guests

You can give out cloth bags at the entrance to make the celebration more personal, and they could contain: colored flip flops, a straw hat or a paper umbrella to protect from the sun. This would be perfect for a wedding on the beach, but if it is somewhere else, you can always adapt your gift to the venue.

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3. Freedom in the looks

An outdoor summer wedding allows more freedom when it comes to choosing a style for the bride, groom and the guests. It is essential to choose a look according to the place of celebration, the style of the wedding and the time of the year in which it is celebrated. The bride’s dress and the groom’s suit should be comfortable and fresh both for design and fabrics.

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4. A different bridal bouquet for a summer wedding

Another important choice is that of the flower bouquet that should also be thought of depending on the season. In summer, the ideal is a light and fresh bouquet that can be white for more traditional brides and bright colors such as red, orange, purple, pink, etc. for the most daring. If the wedding is outdoors, one option is a bouquet of wildflowers (poppies, violets, daisies), which will bring a touch of naturalness to the look. Regardless of the type of flower, do not make it too bulky or structured because you will not find it comfortable.

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5. The wedding dress

If there is one thing that monopolizes most of the looks, it is the bride’s costume. For a summer wedding and depending on the place of celebration, you have to take into account the possible temperatures. Choose natural fabrics that will bring freshness and light designs that are comfortable.

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These are just some ideas to make your summer wedding perfect but there are many more. You have to throw imagination for the details of decoration, think about the comfort of the guests and of course, in yours.

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