Winter Weddings Trends for Your Wedding Tale

Winter is a time full of magic! And what could be better than a truly magical winter wonderland wedding? You are right, nothing… That’s why I’m suggesting you to check out the latest trends and inspirations for Winter Weddings.


Winter weddings are perfect for using sophisticated script – Calligraphy. It can be used from sleek lucite table numbers, mirrors, wine glasses, fondant cakes and of course wedding invitations.

source: polkadotpaper

Drink/Food Stands

Drink carts or stands are really popular this year. Get a cart where your guests could create their own wintery drinks. This could be anything… Mulled wine, cider, cranberry juice or build your own hot chocolate. Get as creative as you like!

source: rustic wedding chic

Wood inspired decorations

Wood brings texture to the look and feel of your wedding. Wooden tree stamps could be a great cake stand, smaller versions are great for table numbers.
Wooden crates are getting more and more popular. You can use these to hold little wedding extras or flowers.

source: rustic wedding chic


Candles could be a great alternative to flowers, especially in winter. Candles and lanterns set the mood and add so much romance to a room so it’s perfect for Winter weddings.

source: whitegloverevents

Drip cakes

Drip wedding cakes are really popular now. For Winter wedding I suggest a cake topped off with drizzles of decadent icing. It tastes as good as it looks!

source: ohhowsweet

Neon Signs

I think neon signs are –perfect for Winter Weddings. Choose one from your color palette with a custom one that depicts your hashtag, initials or favorite quote.

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