Wedding Invitation Trends, Where Do You Fit In?

Besides word of mouth, one of the best ways to let everyone of your friends and family, and business acquaintances know that your wedding is happening is to send out a wedding invitation and a Save the Date card. The Save a Date card is like a precursor to the wedding invitation arriving. This allows those who need to make travel arrangements to attend the wedding, begin their plans. Also, with wedding season beginning very soon, sending out the Save A Date cards, allows your guests to fill in their calendar for your big day. The wedding invitation itself, well that is the coup de gras!, the star of the show, pre-wedding that is!

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Not all weddings invitations were designed or created equally. That would be a boring invitation that gets shoved to the bottom of the pile. There is a huge variety of options for your wedding invitations. You need to decide which paper, or other material to print the invitation on, what colors you want on the invitation. There is also the design, font picture if any, to also consider. You will need to consider different combinations of designs, font, wording, colors and pictures. Another big point in making the decision for your wedding invitations is your budget. Determining the cost can be a bit painful, or you can make it barely a dent in the budget. However, remember that the invitation you choose is the first impression of the wedding event itself.

We would like to share just some of our favorite wedding invitation ideas with you. This may help in decision making.

Watercolor details

Watercolors are usually bright and multi-colored, they have more of a modern look to them. Watercolor invitations have been very popular as of late, and we can understand why. Watercolor invitations can basically be any design. From nature scenes, flowers, greenery to mountains. They could also be simply a wave of color or colors across the invitation. I like to think of watercolor art and designs as subtle, yet intimate. These would be a great choice for your wedding invitations as you can choose the colors to match the colors of your wedding itself.

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Illustrations can add a fun and whimsical approach to the wedding day invitation. It is modern, yet simple. Beautiful and unique, depending what is chosen. The options for the illustrations are many. You could choose a drawing of the wedding venue, your home, of the bride and groom or simple lines, and lovely flowers. If you are country people, have an illustration of horses, if you and your partner are into nature, an illustration of hikers would be good. If you are motorcycle enthusiasts have an illustration of a motorcycle. It all goes, it is up to you and what your hearts desire.

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Leaves and greenery can be just as stunning as colorful blooms.

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Geometric shapes and designs can be all the rage. The geometric design can make a wedding invitation look extravagant, or it can look basic if you choose to. The geometric lines or designs can be done in metallic colors to give them that extraordinary appearance. A classic design for wedding invitations will likely never dim in glory, is the black and white geometric designed wedding invitations. I say classic, since it is one that many couples have chosen throughout generations. This is one style and design and coloring that is considered to be chic in the world of stationary fashion. With the geometric themed weddings becoming more popular, geometric designed wedding invitations are expected to be the biggest trend this year.


Again, there are so many options here that one cannot even fathom the range. It is becoming a hot trend to use material other than paper to create the wedding invitations. Some folks are using acrylic, cardboard, or creating dream catchers for the invites. For a truly elegant look, one could use vellum on top of acrylic. Thinly sliced wood plaques are a unique and original thought. All of these could be done by printing, hand writing them, wood burning or painting. Another idea, if one has the ability is to embroider on a swatch of material and send it as an invitation. One last idea for this category. Wouldn’t your guests all have fun when they open the invitation to find a flag type banner inside with all the information? This is a fun idea for the couple that are sports fanatics, Use the color of your favorite team or teams. Definitely a wedding invitation that no one will forget easily.

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Mixed Metals

Metallic colors have been a popular choice of colors for a couple of years now. This is one style that likely will not fade away, due to the gorgeous appearance. Mixing metallic colors such as gold, copper and silver is one of the top invitation trends for this year. The mixed metallic colors will look appealing on any type of wedding invitation. The geometric designs look elegant and extravagant when done this way. You can have a metallic hue to an illustration of the bride and groom shadow, or outline and frame in any type of design in a metallic hue.

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Make them look and read how you want them…it is yours to choose. It is your wedding, make it about you and your partner!

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