The Most Important 2019 Wedding Trends

Planning a wedding can be a lot of fun but it can also be a very taxing experience. There are so many decisions to make within a very short period of time. These choices can be difficult to navigate. If you are in the process of planning a wedding that will be taking place in 2019, there are also various trends that you will want to be aware of.

By taking a closer look at the following guide, you can find out more about the latest trends. While no couple should ever be following certain trends because they are being coerced by the “in crowd”, this guide allows readers to isolate the trends that work best for them. Inspiration is closer than you may think!

The Importance of Coral

When it comes to the color schemes that are going to dominate in 2019, coral is at the top of the list. This color is also known as “living coral” and can definitely liven up your festivities. This is a color that is commonly chosen by couples who are in search of the best ways to stand out from the crowd. Coral offers a sunny brightness that other colors simply cannot match.

It is a hue that splits the difference between pink and orange, allowing couples to utilize other colors in the same spectrum. It lets the guest know that the wedding is going to be a cheerful affair. Best of all, this color can be used to brighten up any aspect of the wedding. Whether you are looking to purchase coral colored flowers, wear coral themed makeup or even commission a coral cake, the options are endless. Some brides may even choose to have their bridesmaids wear coral themed dresses. The only limit is the couple’s imagination.

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Fancy Wedding Cakes

As far as wedding cakes are concerned, opulence is the order of the day. Opulent wedding cakes allow couples to showcase certain aspects of their personalities. They provide a couple with the chance to be as creative as possible. 2018 was filled with a wide range of amazing wedding cakes and now it is time for the couples of 2019 to up the ante a bit.

Personalized monograms and metallic touches are being added to wedding cakes at a greater rate than ever before. Rippled icing, regal piping and sugar flowers can all be added to create the cake of your dreams. After all, this is your special day and it only happens once. Why not pull out all the stops and commission a cake that is designed to take your guests’ breath away?

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Invitations With Illustrations

Now that there are various technological advances that allow us to dress up our wedding invitations, more and more couples are moving away from the same old same. However, there are also a number of couples who are still relying on the old ways of doing this, to great effect. For example, there is just something about a hand drawn illustration that will get guests more excited about the big day to come. It shows that the couple is not looking to copy the designs that may have worked for others. A wedding invitation is a wonderful way for a couple to express their individuality. A hand illustrated design can include any number of stylistic flourishes. The guests’ eyes are more likely to be drawn to an invitation that contains illustrations that have been carefully chosen by the couple themselves.

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Plentiful Confetti

A wedding is supposed to be a party, right? So why not add some colorful confetti to the equation? When couples come together to plan their ceremonies, the “wow” factor plays a crucial role. In other words: how can a couple draw the eye towards their decor, without resorting to overly flashy gimmicks? By choosing confetti, a couple provides themselves with any number of options.

There are no limits to the choices that can be made. Looking for confetti that aligns with a coral color scheme? No problem. In search of the perfect amount of confetti to blanket your guests? That can be taken care of as well. Couples will have fun choosing their confetti and guests will have a blast once it has been released. It’s a true win-win!

Selecting Various Grasses

Believe it or not, grasses have become quite the wedding trend and it is time for couples everywhere to get on board. Whether you are searching for a type of grass that works well with a neutral color scheme or you are trying to plan a wedding of the bohemian variety, there are no shortage of grasses to utilize for decor purposes.

Couples who are looking to find the best grass for their purposes should use pampas grass. This grass is used in a number of different romantic settings. Those who find themselves in search of the perfect decoration for their aisles and arches will often choose pampas grass.

source: pampaspeople

These trends can be adapted to any couple’s tastes and no two couples are ever going to have the exact same ceremony. No couple should ever feel as if they have to follow all of the latest trends. Thanks to this guide, soon to be married couples are now able to select the trends that most closely align with their personal needs and wants. A wedding day is always going to be special and with the help of these trends, a couple can now make sure that they are making the choices that allow them to create an event that is truly memorable.

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