Here Are Some Backyard Wedding Ideas

Using your backyard as your wedding venue is a great way to cut down your wedding cost and still have a memorable wedding. This article outlines some nice backyard wedding ideas that may attract you and also ignite your own creativity.

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Mow the lawn

The most important step is to put your lawn in a perfect condition for the D-day. Holding a party on a well-mowed lawn is fun. In addition, you can also design its surroundings with a wide variety of potted flowers placed in strategic positions in the field.

Light up the place

If it is possible for the event to drag on into late evening, you may find a way to light the place. Run the light all over the place. If you have a few trees around, you might as well install some lights among the leaves of the trees.

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Decorate the venue with some ornaments

It will also impress your guests when you decorate your backyard with hanging ornaments. It is better when you hang a variety of different magnificent ornaments. This will attract your guests’ attention as they arrive at the venue.

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Set aside the dancing floor

While the lawn will be green all through, you can set aside the space for dance by spraying it with harmless coloring. That is where the new couple will show off their dancing skills.

Place popcorn and lemonade somewhere

You can place a transparent bucket of popcorn somewhere for guests to take as much as they want. This is for guests that may want to stay for a long period. Add some freshly made lemonade too. So that after taking some popcorn, they can step it down with some lemonade.

However, it does not have to be popcorn and lemonade, you can arrange for other snacks and drinks. Just remember that some guests may still want to munch some snacks hours after eating the main dish.

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Use a vintage car

When using your backyard for wedding, it will be awesome for the couple to arrive in a vintage 1960 car. This will complete the package. Wondering where to get such cars? Several car rentals offer classic cars for occasions.

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Put a bridge across your pool

If you have an outdoor swimming pool, you can take advantage of it too. Create a temporary bridge across the pool and decorate the bridge with flowers on both sides. It should be designed in a way that the couple will walk across the bridge from the car to their seats.

Arrange tables in a circular form

You can arrange the tables of guests in a circular form with the couple’s table being in the epicenter. Every table will have several chairs for multiple guests but the couple’s table will have just two chairs for the couple.

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In conclusion, while backyard wedding ideas are infinite, you are good with the 8 ideas listed above. They will not only add a boost to your wedding, they will also ignite your decorative creativity.

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