Wedding Dessert Table Ideas to Lookout for in 2020

What’s a party without dessert, right? We know every wedding has a cake, but who’s telling you to stop there? Surprise your guests with a wedding dessert table along with your gorgeous wedding cake!

Here are some beautiful wedding dessert table ideas for you to take inspiration from, maybe for your own wedding or to help out a friend!


From chocolate eclairs to Crème brûlée, and from Soufflé to Macarons, the French know how to do dessert well. 

This French-inspired wedding dessert table is sure to wow the guests and make your wedding the talk of the town, or at least your circle. Pair up these desserts with a gorgeous table and decoration pieces to really “French it up”!

Donut Station

Everybody loves donuts and no wedding brunch is complete without these yummy little treats! To really make your donut dessert table stand out, serve tea/coffee alongside the donuts to have a power-packed combo. 

Let the guests customize their hot beverage and give them a variety of options to make their perfect cup. You can offer whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate chips, cinnamon sticks, sprinkles, and anything you can think of along these lines! 

Candy buffet

Two words – Candy. Buffet. 

That’s right. Lots of big, clear jars with lots of colorful candy; That is a beautiful sight. You can line these jars filled with candy in an antique cart to give it a rustic look. Label the jars with the name of the candy so that the guests know what they’re eating. It’ll be a serious party fest for the kids attending the wedding, along with all the other guests.

Go floral

Flowers are a staple in every wedding and the cake is mostly decorated with edible flowers. 

Go a step further by taking the same idea on to the wedding dessert table. Set up a floral themed dessert table with both real, and edible flowers. Decorate all the dessert items such as the cupcakes, cookies, pies, and what not, with flowers on top.

Make it personal

A wedding is a union of two different people and nothing is more beautiful than that. 

Translate this union on to the wedding dessert table by bringing both of the bride and groom’s favorite desserts, or something from their hometown that reminds them of their roots, and serve it to everyone on a beautiful table decorated with candles, symbolizing warmth and love. 

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